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23-Aug-2020 17:30

If watching a movie with bad acting makes you cringe, poorly delivered dirty talk can be imagined as something counter erotic.So please, if you think you’re not up for it, don’t even bother attempt doing it.

It’s not that the phrase is bad, but it is mostly dirty talk done out of character.It may work on some and it may work once, but sticking to this type eventually makes it boring as it loses its sexy quality if overused.Its main weakness is that it tends to put off girls who are not fans of this type of dirty talk.[Read: 14 wild ways to have aggressive sex the right way] Good dirty talk.

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This is the most effective type, yet it is also the one most difficult to pull off.Knowing how to talk dirty to a woman is more than the usual “I’m gonna rip off those clothes and f*ck the lights out of you,” she might end up fleeing for sanctuary instead of you seducing her.