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21-Dec-2019 12:26

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Allah is wide in giving and knowing." (Holy Quran, Sura An-Nūr, ).

The sexual instinct is a creative order that Allah has infused to human nature.

But Muslim mail order brides will have to wear them only in front of their husband or, at most, when they are in the company of women only.

In the Koran it is written: "Tell the believing women to keep their private parts and not to exhibit their adornment except that which must necessarily appear and except to their husbands, their fathers, the fathers of their husbands, their children, to the children of their husbands, to the brothers, to the children of their brothers, to the children of their sisters, to the children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women".

Any kind of makeup that makes an attractive woman and that provokes "loving attention" is forbidden, as it would nullify the whole purpose of the veil.

It is not allowed to eliminate or shorten the eyebrows.

A woman should cover them with her garment, or wearing socks or shoes.

It's better to hide them with the garment, rather than with the socks.

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