Muslim women dating a non muslim man jack fm oxford dating

11-Apr-2020 15:17

The western culture, the culture that taught the world enlightenment, liberty and equality has lost is compass. Like any seed hoarded for a long time it rots and changes into something poisonous called narcissism, which instead of nourishing them it kills them.It is now devoid of purpose, devoid of love and devoid of soul. Her troubled life begins with her parents, whom she remembers as distanced, detached and disinterested “roommates.” They were incapable of giving her what is the foremost responsibility of every parent, i.e. Moving away from her parents she searched for love in all wrong places and wrong people.Once you leave, they pat him on the back and laugh heartily. If all this is not a ruse for this couple to get US immigration visa, in all likelihood she is an accomplice for her husband’s jihad against the infidels.Some years ago I read the story that a young Muslim college student befriended a Christian girl of her age and lured her to be raped by her brothers. But there is a big thrill in luring and baiting a respectable woman. As I explained in my book Understanding Muhammad, the Thuggee cult of India a.k.a. They worshipped Allah and Kali, a bloodthirsty Hindu goddess with Allah’s attributes.This tells me how little non-Muslims know Islam and the Muslim mind. At first they deny it categorically accusing you of smearing the name of a good man and vilify you.If they see the undeniable proof, they change tactic and condemn him in your face assuring you that Islam does not allow that.One Thug named Buhram boasted to have murdered over 930 travelers. [Thug or a Million Murders by Brigadier – General Sir William T. They picked their victims only when they received “favorable omens” from their deity.When he was asked whether he ever felt remorse for his victims whom he beguiled into a false sense of security and who had laid their trust him, he replied, “Certainly not! Here is a passage from the transcript of their trial.

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This is a book about her personal experience, an experience that is too common in today’s western world. Love is like a crop that needs to be cultivated before it can be harvested. But people are so love-starved that they hoard the little that they have.She got involved and made friends with men and women who like her were drifting aimlessly without a purpose or a compass. She was greeted by a religious leader who offered to show her the mosque while touching and groping her in inappropriate places.She got bored of and dumped the only good man who respected her and cared about her. Lessing eventually left her church and tried to find solace in alcohol and in bars. After hitting the bottom she resumed her search for God, but guess where? She felt uncomfortable but kept meeting Muslim men.This is more evidence of how little the westerners understand the mind of the Muslims. William Sleeman was the British administrator in India who hunted the Thugs and ended their 500 year reign of terror.

When a group of them was arrested, during the interrogation, they showed no remorse, but expressed their pride for the murders that they had committed. They were devoutly religious people who considered murder a divinely punishable offence.

A man who declares his undying love to you too early in the relationship and even without having met you is either a desperate horny man who will dump you as soon as you satisfy his beastly instinct, or a predator. Once you realize this world is only a mirage, that it really does not matter how much you have but how much you give, you will no longer care about it or will be concerned of hardships.

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