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With that gut-wrenching moment still fresh in the minds of fans as well as the Second Chances spinoff which reaffirmed a puppet master's pure genius and added more to the allure of a blonde lady who's been tearing it up so far in Colombia, we have arrived in NOLA to begin anew, once again, another quest for love and money.

And hope lies again in the hands of another group of 22 castmates -- more than the usual number of 20 -- and so much to live up to and with their work cut out, as we head towards next week's premiere.

In a few days' time, we'll bring you our look at last night's Episode 9 of The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 as the second half of the season gets underway in dramatic fashion.

But first here at midweek, we're shifting gears for a moment and taking a detour from Central America and the fifth major pro sport to venturing up to the Bayou and television's guiltiest guilty pleasure.

Other than my aunt, uncle and cousin being related, that show was completely fake. They approached him at the mall because he had “the look” and asked him if he would be in a MTV show.

He had never met the teen who played his “girlfriend of nine months” and he got along fine with his family (portrayed differently on the show).

or how about the show where the parents didn't like the boyfriend/ girlfriend so they got 2 strangers to take their daughter or son on a date while the parents and the partner sat in a room and watched on tv then at the end the son/daughter have to pick who they want to be with.

There may be no hotter or more talked about show on television today than HBO’s breakout hit Girls.

So once again, put on your swimsuit, stick that name tag on, get out your matchup charts and sharpie, and Join In with us after the jump as DCBLOG kicks off our coverage of Are You The One? First, we begin in usual DCBLOG manner with what is a signature feature of this site and for which gives this page its unique standing in the blogosphere.Casting calls are set to be held soon and submissions form interested parties are being accepted today.The Girls Reality Show is inspired by Lean Dunham’s much buzzed about award winning series.Well one of the guys on The Real World, Mike Mizanin went on to live his dream and become a WWE Superstar where he has held multiple championships over the years and just this week once more became the Intercontinental Champion for the 8th time.

Mike Mizanian On the real world A promo about how no one in the business wanted him The Miz cashes in Money in the Bank to win the WWE Championship The Miz - promo for his main event match at Wrestlemania 27The Miz goes off on Daniel Bryan The Miz wins the Intercontinental Championship for the 8th time From just some loud mouth with big dreams on The Real World to one of the most Decorated Champions in WWE history. I met him once at a restaurant in Hollywood about 15 years ago (I was a shy 15 year old girl) and he was THE SWEETEST person on the face of the earth.

Edit: The slime is indeed green applesauce and the pies were filled with a gross kind of liquidy melty whipped cream or cool whip like substance. Pissed the caller did not know the answer so i never got slimed.