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Rather soon, the combined writing power of the Farrelly brothers, the Zucker brothers and the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone was available but no studio could be found.

Some segments will have you busting a rib from laughter ("The Catch"), while others will leave you cold ("Middleschool Date").

But in Movie 43’s better-suited afterlife in the home-entertainment market, those sort of quandaries can be hashed out between bong rips and bags of Cheetos.

US Version: 791,1 sec (= min) * 3x additional framework plot in the International Version: 80,3 sec * 1 extension during one scene in the International Version: 16,9 sec * 1 extension during one scene in the US Version: 3,4 sec Difference in running time: 232,7 sec (= min) There was probably no other movie in recent history which was as star-studded and yet as heavily criticized or ignored by critics and viewers alike.

A studio was found and in the course of four years 12 other directors added their own scenes to the project, always starring big Hollywood stars.

Each of these stars only had to be booked for a few days, making them more affordable, and they were lured in by the aptly named episode The Catch with Winslet and Jackman.

In contrast to Kentucky Fried Movie, there is no alteration between nonsense jokes, clever parodies and other creative gags but only dumbed-down provocational humor.