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These findings challenge the current paradigm that the Mission Creek strand is inactive and suggest that the fault continues to be a primary structure in accommodating deformation along the Pacific-North American plate boundary. In such tectonically active settings, modification of topography requires study of long-term faulting and landform development to better understand modern plate motion.

Today, natural hazards such as large-magnitude earthquakes and seismically triggered landslides pose extreme risk to (a) Location map showing the Pacific-North American Plate boundary in southern California defined by the San Andreas Fault System and historic earthquake ruptures on the San Andreas Fault.

The fault system comprises of the Elsinore, San Jacinto, and San Andreas faults.

(b) Geologic map of the study area (area denoted by black box in part a) showing study site, modern drainage basins, faults, and representative bedrock geology source areas.

-in-quartz pair in fluvially transported granitoid clasts to determine the age of alluvial sediment displaced by the Mission Creek strand of the San Andreas Fault in southern California.

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