Mormom dating

18-Jan-2020 01:30

The truth is (though I did not know it then), they had no better idea on how to answer my questions than I did.

Read more ROCKY'S AND HELEN'S JOURNEY TO CHRIST Rocky was raised as a 6th generational Mormon.

I embraced Mormonism and all that the LDS Church had to offer. Read more.: WE WERE THE PERFECT MODEL OF AN LDS FAMILY...

My life was full of Church activity, but yet so empty? My wife and I were lifelong members in the LDS Church.

It is my hope that someone might benefit from my experience, recognize Mormonism as the false belief system that it is, and come out to find the true Lord and Savior. But as a young adult, I fell away because I was unable to live up to all of the Church’s standards. Read more.: SCOTT One day at Sacrament meeting when the focus was on Jesus and His atoning sacrifice for us, I felt the Spirit of the Lord, but when I mentioned this to my Bishop, he rebuked me by saying that because of my probation and inability to partake in Sacrament, it was not possible for me to feel the Spirit.

In disillusionment, I left the LDS Church and everything that had to do with Christianity, but God in His Grace drew me to the REAL Jesus, and I have found the joy and freedom in a personal relationship with Him without the control of authoritarian religion. Every childhood memory was formed in a home-life of deep commitment to the teachings of the Book of Mormon.

This is when the Mormon missionaries showed up at my door and told me the story of my parent’s early involvement in Mormonism.

As you listen to my journey look for the repeated patterns until truth set me free.

My great-great-grandfather was converted to the church in the latter half of the 19th century and later rose to the office of Apostle. It left me deeply confused about God and what had happened to my life and family.

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