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“There’s no point in beginning in 200 countries — it’s just the cities that interest us.” Launched a year ago in Paris, Happn has more than a million users worldwide, with the largest concentration in London.

New York was its first American city, with 80,000 users; Los Angeles and Chicago are next.

The notoriously addictive app has been downloaded more than 40 million times in less than three years and at last count was making 14 million matches daily.

Depending on who you ask, it’s worth somewhere between 0 million and billion to its parent, , only revealing them to each other after their paths have crossed within 250 meters.

“We also hear people saying that they want to get recommendations for places to go and where to eat in a new city, and Tinder Plus can do better at that.” The debate over whether and how mobile dating apps are changing how we see the city won’t even begin to be settled until there is conclusive data from the apps themselves.

Don’t change your plans: Tinder and Scruff did not respond to repeated requests for comment; a Grindr spokesman said the company doesn’t track the correlation between successful matches and proximity; and while Happn’s Marie Cosnard finds the question interesting, “we haven’t had time for sociological analysis,” she says.

Instead of using Grindr (or his preferred alternative, Scruff) to meet men from the comfort of his couch, he keeps tabs on his friends who are already out to decide when and where to join them. that night in August, Ferzoco had held his phone before him like a compass, checking to see whether we were getting closer to his friends or moving farther away.But the bigger questions are whether the information provided by these apps — how many eligible, attractive people there are, and where — has begun shaping users’ behavior, and if so, for better or worse.A friend of mine who formerly worked for an online dating company bemoans Tinder’s short-circuiting of serendipity.leaving Grindr open throughout the day so as to collect inquiries and potential matches as users move through the city — which happens to be the strategy at the heart of Happn.

Finally, they argue proximity itself has become a factor in desire, with some users declaring on their profiles that anyone farther than a kilometer away is too far, while one interview subject admits to one-night stands based purely on availability.and Grand Street two blocks away, at the intersection of two long strips of restaurants and bars.

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