Mdaemon security plus not updating

13-Nov-2019 05:18

MDaemon Anti Virus scans messages inline, using the Cyren Anti Virus Engine, during each SMTP session, effectively stopping malicious software at the email entrance to your network.

When a corrupted message with a security threat is detected, MDaemon Anti Virus refuses to accept the email and any attachments.

Place a check mark beside the option stating “Allow password-protected files that can not be scanned”. If you need to allow a certain type of file through that is password protected you will want to make the below changes. Ensure the option stating “Allow password-protected files in exclusion list..” is enabled, and then click the “Configure Exclusions” button just to the right hand side of this option.

25, Inbound and Outbound – ESMTP 53, Outbound – DNS (note that return packets are required) 110, Inbound and Outbound – POP3 and Multi POP 143, Inbound – IMAP4 366, Inbound and Outbound – ODMR (ATRN, alternate ESMTP port) 465, Inbound – SSL SMTP 587, Inbound – ESMTP MSA (Mail Submission Agent — Have your mail cilents deliver here rather then 25 to avoid ISP firewalls 993, Inbound – SSL IMAP4 995, Inbound and Outbound – SSL POP3 4069 UDP, Inbound and Outbound – Minger Even if you intend on enforcing encrypted connections, the unencrypted ports should be left active as the STARTTLS command starts a connection unencrypted and later adds encryption.

Currently each AV engine needs to be configured separately. If you find emails being blocked after updating to Security Plus v5.1.0 you will need to go in and configure the new Clam AV. AV Exclusions After updating your Security Plus to v5.1.0 you will now have a new option under the Security menu titled “Clam AV Plugin”.

If you have any AV exclusions configured prior to this update, then you will need to add these same exclusions into Clam AV.

•[19726] For new installs Cyren AV updater scheduler and Clam AV scheduler updates every hour instead of daily by default.

Any entries under [VIRUS_EXCLUDES] should be copied under [EXCLUDE_TO], and any entries under [VIRUS_EXCLUDES_FROM] should be copied under the [EXCLUDE_FROM] heading.Security Plus for MDaemon will be installed in the MDaemon\Security Plus directory. Keys can be requested by contacting [email protected] To continue using the product after 30 days a license must be purchased. To install Security Plus for MDaemon, run the following command from the command line or from Power Shell: In cases where actual malware is found, the packages are subject to removal. Moderators do not necessarily validate the safety of the underlying software, only that a package retrieves software from the official distribution point and/or validate embedded software against official distribution point (where distribution rights allow redistribution).