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How to read the serial number (1969-1983)Marshall used a coding system that provided (a) model, (b) serial number, and (c) manufacture date.This (a)(b)(c) sequence began in 1969 and was valid through 1983.The Marshall JCM 800 2203 is a 100 watt tube one-channel guitar amplifier head with a classic tone, featuring knobs for Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, and Pre-Amp, as well as High and Low sensitivity inputs.

Built on a two-channel design with clean and overdriven channels, this monolith amplifier incorporates industry standards like a three-band EQ on the Boost channel and two-band on the Normal, onboard spring reverb, and an effects loop for full, unapologetic tone from the moment you plug in.

Compared to the earlier "Master Volume" series, they offered some advantages, including the possibility to be patched internally and linked with other amplifiers.

The first JCM800s were in fact Master Volume amplifiers (Models 22, at 100 and 50 watts respectively), repackaged in new boxes with new panels.

Soon, however, the Model 2210 appeared on the market.

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Initially, users complained that the amplifiers (used with the standard Marshall cabinets) sounded flat compared to the older Marshalls, until it was discovered (by accident) that the fault was with the speakers: The new cabs had been equipped with a new kind of Celestion speakers. The JCM800 is considered a "hot" amplifier because it has more gain stages than comparable amplifiers, and in "lead" mode (in the "high" input), an extra triode provides extra gain to the pre-amplifier, which "made for one hot rock amp".

When we think of electric guitar these days, we often think of the icons of your local classic rock radio station or modern hard rock bands.