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as flattering as it is retro", and that her dress and accessories "work much better than Peach's", grading her a B overall.

In 2010, Audrey Drake at IGN listed Daisy as a potential valentine for Mario, commenting that being his "brother's gal" made her a sort of "forbidden fruit", and that he had saved her during the events of Super Mario Land.

Her first appearance in the Mario series is in Super Mario Land, released in 1989 for the Game Boy.

Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, a world outside of the series' usual setting of the Mushroom Kingdom, who is kidnapped by the tyrannical alien, Tatanga, who intends to marry her in order to gain control of her realm.

She appears in all of the Mario Party series since Mario Party 3 except Mario Party Advance, and all of the Mario Kart games since Double Dash except for the first two installments of the Arcade GP series, and all five games in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

She also appears in the Square Enix game Fortune Street.

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As of 2018, Daisy has appeared in 73 games, in most of which she is a playable character.In the film, Daisy is a student of archaeology at New York University whom Luigi falls in love with.While digging for dinosaur bones under the Brooklyn Bridge, Daisy is kidnapped by two henchmen of President Koopa, the dictator of an alternate world in which dinosaurs rule, of which Daisy is actually the princess. Daisy also appeared once again as the prisoner of Tatanga in some episodes of the Nintendo Comics System. In her early appearances, she was so similar to Princess Peach that some journalists even assumed that "Princess Daisy" was simply a new localization of "Princess Peach" rather than a new character. Two routes: "Top" and "Bottom." Adults Only, obviously. If you liked the game, please consider tossing a few dollars at the soundtrack to help me not starve maybe!

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This is a short interactive fiction, featuring you and the Hothead Hunk of the Koopa Kingdom.

Jen Taylor (Mario Party 3–5) Deanna Mustard (since Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour in 2003) Noriko Hidaka (Japanese DVD dub of Super Mario Bros film) Maya Okamoto (Japanese Nippon TV dub of Super Mario Bros Film) is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the monarch or princess of the fictional kingdom of Sarasaland.

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