Mai hime dating sim

13-Jun-2020 15:55

I was right, the anime is WAY better than the manga.Not saying the manga isn't good, but the anime is SO much better.The only gripe i have is with cop-out cheesy ending oh well still worth watching. Awesome plot,very nice characters , Good Romance , very nice comedy , overdose of ecchi and the best of them all... There is no reason no to watch this although i shall warn u that the ending may be a bit meh for some ppl!Still there is nothing to belittle this Series so don;t hesitate and watch this !

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Not based on anything, the story is a new work, usually made up by the people involved in creating the anime.Not only is it well written and well paced, but it's engaging both to a male and female audience. It made a huge splash when it first came out and the story is still very strong over a decade later.I'd probably go so far as to say it's a modern classic given not just its actual content, but the impact it had on anime at the time.Anime whose central struggle causes hilarious results.

These stories are built upon funny characters, situations and events.Ecchi, or etchi (エッチ), is a common Japanese word meaning "indecent", "lewd", "frisky" or "sexy"; its usage can be compared to the English word "naughty".

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