Love bug dating

13-Aug-2020 04:15

Opening the doors in a new and small market three years ago was considered by many to be a risky move.

But President, Vera Gregg, who started working in the matchmaking industry in the early ninety's, and has done everything from franchise training to management, knew it could be done successfully.

Working in different offices and different services around the country gave her valuable insight into how to use the best systems to increase effectiveness for the members. Gregg realized that what were missing in most matchmaking services were customer service and the ability of the service to get the member involved so that they would take ownership of their experience.

“Getting the member to be more involved in the process has allowed Love Bug® to be more effective, in not only the matching process, but also in helping to truly discover what the member desires.” The team at Love Bug® has wholeheartedly adopted the company philosophy.

We also provide secure hosting with SSL, for protecting your business continuity and liability. For more than 17 years in the business, we have been working with domain, email and web hosting giving our customers the very best treatment. The most important aspect when providing Internet services is security.That's is also the time when couples change their social media statuses to make their relationships public.(When your heart is bursting with affection for someone, you want the world to see.) But couples aren't waiting for the ultimate declaration to sleep together: 27 percent wait just a week or two.The later stages of relationships generally happen quickly, with the study reporting the average couple gets engaged after two years, gets married after three, and starts a family after four.

In case you're wondering when this all will happen for you, Match found that the average age people met their partners was 25 for women and 28 for men.

“The only reason we exist, is to help our members succeed in their search for a truly satisfying and healthy relationship,” says Robert Gregg, COO.