Little fish big pond dating site

07-Mar-2020 17:32

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(Again, not a real fish thing.) The opportunities available will prompt you to explore different sides of yourself and look for both new and known activities to enjoy.

It will also prompt you to address what’s really important to you, because there are a lot of aspects of the college experience that can provide opportunities for you to expand your fish-self.

(This is where the analogy breaks down, because that’s not how it works in nature at all. But a human can be anything at all; whether that’s inspirational or terrifying also depends on the situation, and it’s usually a little bit of both.) So you can trust that whatever happens, you will find a niche for your fish.

Another thing to consider is that you won’t be the same-sized fish at any of these places.

You definitely have a baseline personality, but you’ll be molded in order to fit your circumstances and respond to your new environment.

In the end it isn’t about whether your college is a big or small pond relative to you as a fish, or vice versa – it’s about knowing your preferred fish-pond balance (either current or prospective) and setting your sights on a school that will help you achieve that balance. Sarah Chandler is a junior at Cornell University studying Performing and Media Arts and Psychology.

Do you want to add a voice to the noisy chatter of a large university? Do you want to be heard above the hum of a small one? Looking for an experience that will enrich you as a person through the social and academic context of your choosing? As much as she loves writing for College Vine, she'd rather be astral projecting or watching The Office.

A big pond can be great; it gives you the opportunity to form a wide web of connections and offers the possibility of meeting new people literally every day.