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09-Aug-2020 02:10

Last month, we debunked some myths surrounding the “hook-up culture” on campuses. Sociologist Paula England told us that 26% of students are dating before hooking up.While 91% of college students think their campus is dominated by it, only 28% actively participate. Then, we talked to real college students about their own preferences when it comes to dating and hook-up culture.No sit-down-and-split-the-bill dates, no cuddling in a twin-sized bed, no wearing each other's sweatshirts.Just brainless and simple fun, always fueled by one-too-many stiff drinks and a casual message on Tinder.In terms of sexuality, the generation younger than me is way more open, and the older generation is still more closeted.

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A lot of people go to events like Pub Night every Thursday, which tends to be a really queer event. I was at the pub, and a friend of mine said “you should go talk to her,” and it turned out we liked some of the same things — she was showing me some of her artwork and I showed her some of my artwork, and we hit it off.

As a bisexual person, and as a college woman, you tell people you’re bisexual they’re immediately like, “it’s a phase” but there are also straight girls who want to experiment, and they just toy with your feelings.

I wasn’t out until I went to college, and I had all of these insecurities because everyone has girl crushes, right?

) jealous to the point where he came out; the closet case who kissed girls whenever I was in the same room as him; the Republican who bought me a travel-sized bottle of Fireball as a courtship gift and then later went to rehab for abusing said alcohol.

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Everyone I dated — excuse me, hooked up with — wanted one thing: fun.

Like for all students, being seen as popular is still widely associated with being part of a party scene, and a lot of the young people we spoke to felt alienated by this sentiment.