Law student online dating

11-Oct-2020 03:22

In my (albeit limited) experience, people who date other people within their section (since we have all our classes together) tend to be on the youngest end of the spectrum.

I've already seen a few of those not work out, and then become very awkward very quickly.

I don't believe the myth that being older somehow makes you have different priorities.

Maybe avoid the under 21 crowd, but otherwise everyone else should be included in the dating game.

Oh, and a quick word of warning about Tinder - if your school is in a small town like mine, good chances you'll run into single professors on there! (Not my story, but it's happened to multiple friends).

However, I'm 5-8 years older than most of my classmates, and while I do have some people in my age range, they tend to all be married already.

You're surrounded by a bunch of people who have similar interests as you, and you collectively share the experience that is law school.

That gives a ton to talk about, in an environment where people are all adjusting to a new social dynamic.

It's been fine, since 1L has taken up my life anyway, and I can't really imagine starting a relationship during this past year, but in the next two years, it might be nice. Or did you just steer clear all together, and go with something like Tinder/other online dating?

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Did anyone find they met people in their internships? Just curious to hear other people's experience with this. I have good friends from this year, most of whom are 5ish years my juniors.

We're friends because our maturity levels match up.

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