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"The United States and Russia are entering a new arms race, and the costs aren’t just monetary.

On August 8, Russian civilians around the remote village of Nyonoksa found themselves downwind of a military nuclear propulsion experiment gone wrong..." "I don't know about you, but for me "Having more people run for president and effectively doubling the number of primary contests" is not up there with "Michigan beating Notre Dame in the playoffs" and "A new deluxe edition of Barbara Bush's..." "A growing body of research suggests that, rather than posing a threat to individual wellbeing, adopting a more sustainable lifestyle represents a pathway to a more satisfied life.

The presenters spent 24 consecutive hours in the car, spending the night in the Screaming Woods.

Pluckley was the featured haunting in series 1, episode 9 of The Para Pod.

Pluckley was also featured on an episode of BBC's Top Gear.

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The manuscript provides a single-play version of both Henry IV, Part 1 and Henry IV, Part 2.

We are giving you another way to keep up to date with the top news stories in Kent.

Sasha loves to keep the details of his net worth and earnings up to himself.… continue reading »

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