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Because of the cold current, winds, and fog conditions, the climate is relatively cool.

Moist, easterly winds that blow from the Atlantic to the Amazon rain forest are blocked by the Andes, so that they deposit heavy rainfall on the eastern mountains but leave the western heights dry and barren.

One of the world’s leading authorities presents a major overview of the Moche, one of pre-Columbian America’s greatest civilizations, renowned for its monumental architecture, metalwork, ceramics, and textiles.

The Moche, or Mochica, created an extraordinary civilization on the north coast of Peru for most of the first millennium AD.

They also wove textiles that were complex in execution and design.

A senior scholar renowned for her discoveries about the Moche, Elizabeth P.

During winter (July-August), certain areas of the coast, especially upper slopes (250–800 m) near the sea, are enveloped by sea fogs that precipitate enough moisture to sustain seasonal plants; in very moist years these lomas support cultivated crops.

In the past, guanacos—wild camelids, relatives of the llama—grazed and were hunted on lomas.

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Nuestro "mecanismo" de aproximación a los distintos temas siempre ha partido de un acercamiento ajerárquico y contradictorio hacia la arquitectura, con un gran interés por la producción tanto de las Escuelas, como de los proyectos profesionales de escasa divulgación. En la actualidad, está formado por un equipo de arquitectos y estudiantes de la Escuela de Madrid, que se sienten identificados como miembros de una generación educada plenamente por los media y en concreto la TV.Benson published the first English-language monograph on the subject in 1972.Now in this volume, she draws on decades of knowledge, as well as the findings of other researchers, to offer a grand overview of all that is currently known about the Moche.Some valleys have places with high water tables, underground aquifers, or springs, and there is vegetation, even cultivation.

Sunken gardens can be developed where there is groundwater; sometimes wells are dug; and occasionally there is a lagoon.

The landscape changes slightly in some areas but remains stark.

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