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17-Sep-2019 01:36

And based on their social media accounts, they’re still going strong today.

On July 17, Joao posted a picture of him and Brooke to Instagram, writing, “Wow…, this next episode…..

As strong and bold as she seems on the outside, she is a little gun shy and reluctant, to say the least.

Her main thing is letting go, and Ben keeps trying to get her to do so because he likes Jo Jo.

He later helped open the Kevin Charles Salon where he managed it with the world renowned Kevin Charles for three years.

Chad also mentored under Roy Teeluck in New York City.

Obviously when we’re thrown on the boat, we all meet each other.

I also had it in my mind that if Kasey tried to kiss me, I may have kissed her back.

This season, Joao found himself in the middle of a twisted love triangle with Brooke and Kasey Cohen.