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The setup is that of a classic "reverse harem" story (one girl, many guys) but the payoff is a romance full of wit, tender humor, and hilarious left turns that even the characters themselves hardly see coming.

Tsukimi's a girl with all the glamour of a paper plate and the social skills of a dishtowel, but a passionate love for jellyfish and the exacting eye of a true artist.

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Tohru Honda's a girl who remains cheerful in all circumstances, even when she's homeless and squatting in a tent on someone else's property.Adapted with some abridgement from an equally-enjoyable manga, it's heartwarming in the best way: most everyone involved is a genuinely good person just looking for the best place to express their goodness.At the prestigious Ouran Academy, Haruhi Fujioka stands out like a sore thumb.At the exclusive Ohtori Academy, the tomboyish Utena is drawn into a circle of intrigue that involves a classmate, the gentle reticent Anthy Himemiya.

The romance here is, for lack of a better word, allegorical: there's many levels of meaning at work in this deeply unpredictable series which defies easy classification.The romance begins to blossom between her and the outgoing (bordering on manic) host club leader, Tamaki Suō, who's got it into his head that she's the one for him.

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