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But there’s one we’d definitely recommend: the Active Roots Security Belt. It’s not fancy, it just simply looks (and acts) just like any old belt. You may get pickpocketed, you may just stupidly leave some money lying around in your room or you may lose your wallet.Whatever happens, there’s always the money you slipped into your money belt to help you out in dire straits.As a tourist, you shouldn’t be affected, so don’t be put-off from travelling to this stunning country and all its nature and culture. As long as you’re smart about where you go and what you do, you’re likely to have a trouble-free time in Jamaica.To help you travel smart and have an epic time, we’ve shared some top safety tips for travelling to Jamaica. At the same time, though you’re unlikely to come to any physical harm, the thing that might be worrying you the most is having your money stolen in Jamaica.This might make you think you should be avoiding this Caribbean country and that’s partially true. In 2017 according to the Jamaica Tourist Board, the country received 4.3 million tourists.There are high levels of crime in certain places like Kingston and Montego Bay, where gang violence, shootings, and petty theft happen. A record number and an increase of 12.1% on 2016’s numbers.

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It’s always an amazing experience to travel around the world by yourself.When it comes to petty theft, that truly is a thing in this Caribbean nation.