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20-Oct-2020 18:01

And the only person she doesn't have to do that with is Sonny.She feels like her true self when she's with him, so it's a beautiful love story as a result of that.[ wanted Brenda to have a child, and we all know how much I love being a mom in real life. We'd like to think a mom would recognize her own child — on a soul level, down in her DNA, wherever, however — so that didn't ring true.

You'll be surprised which character VGM wants Brenda to bed next! TV Guide Magazine: Let's assess this year in the life of Brenda Barrett.

I understand it can't go on forever and that is upsetting, but for these two to finally get married and have their love story — at least for a minute — has been important. But they have their bigger picture to worry about, and I have a lot of respect for that. Marcil Giovinazzo: [me not to go, and I don't want to go, but schedule-wise, it has to happen right now. Marcil Giovinazzo: Carmine and I still haven't had a honeymoon, so we're trying to work that out.

TV Guide Magazine: They barely had time to be happy, though. Someday I do want to come back and much sooner than last time. Because of his schedule, we live half the time in New York.

I think you know your own child, and when it turned out not to be her child, it was so devastating, especially when he was taken away from her, that she really had to question why she felt that connection.

But that's what makes Brenda such a cool character to play.She grew up with no real family, no place to call home. Don't forget, she ended up having a nervous breakdown at one point, and it's always possible it could happen again, because she does truly feel alone and unlovable.

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