Is alex oloughlin dating sophia myles

28-Oct-2019 19:26

While neither film was a critical success, O’ Loughlin’s star continued its steady rise Down Under, after appearing in the Australian television movies, White Collar Blue (2002) and Love Bytes (2004).He next starred in the Showtime miniseries, The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant (2005), another homeland hit, in which he played Will Bryant, the husband of the title character, a woman who was among the first of the British convicts sentenced to an experimental penal colony in Australia in the late 1700s.Australian Actor Alex O’Loughlin, best known Down Under for his lead roles in romantic dramas such as Oyster Farmer or even disturbing genre films such as Feed, made a splash in the U. as the new cast member on the sixth season of the Emmy-winning police drama, The Shield (FX, 2002- ).While not quite the big screen debut that 007 would have afforded him, having auditioned unsuccessfully that same year for the latest Bond vehicle, for O’Loughlin, the role of Detective Kevin Hiatt promised to not exactly go unnoticed, with the gritty cop show’s popularity at an all-time high."I really feel like I'm participating in life when I'm strapped into a harness and hanging precariously above the ground," says the 31-year-old Australian actor (whose last name is pronounced "O--lin").As Moonlight's crime-fighting vampire/private detective Mick St.

Teaming again with Man-Thing’s director Brett Leonard, O’Loughlin was credited with originating the idea for the story, centering on an investigator, played by O’Loughlin, in pursuit of a cyber-criminal suspected of killing women by force-feeding them to death.He followed his Oyster Farmer role with a part in the Australian made-for-television crime movie, Blackjack: Sweet Science, followed by the horror film, Man-Thing (2005).Based on the lower-rung Marvel comic book character, he played Deputy Fraser in the film which, not surprisingly, was broadcast on the Sci-Fi Network before its release on DVD.The two met while he was doing construction work for a mutual friend and have been dating for a year and a half.

How's she handling his burgeoning status as a heartthrob?

Born in 1976 in Sydney, O’Loughlin, was later thought to be the son of AC/DC frontman Bon Scott from a rumor spread on the Internet that devastated both his parents.

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