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26-May-2020 23:51

If you date an introvert and go to parties together, you're going to need a game plan.

The introvert is going to get tired out and either need to go somewhere else or go home and rest after awhile, and this is something you should talk about ahead of time.

Until then, try not to regard their need for withdrawal as a reflection on the relationship, lashing out at your friends, rudeness, or anything other than what it is: self-care.

Introvert-extrovert matches need to find stuff that feeds both elements.

It's a bit like caring for a plant, except the plant is hot and gives you kisses.

It doesn't actually mean that you're always socially anxious, shy, a deep thinker, or hate parties.Introverts may not enjoy crowds at clubs after a certain point in time, and you might get bored in situations with low social requirements. Whether it's browsing stores, walking around interesting areas, traveling together, playing video games, taking in films, or just pursuing different interests while physically in the same space, it's good to compromise.It can be tricky to see an introvert's sit-quietly time as fun if you're the kind of person who gets bored and itchy after six minutes.Typically, I wouldn’t recommend getting dinner and/or watching a movie. You can literally go to a movie together, watch it, then end the night without getting to know your date any better.

It’s hard to break the ice on a dinner date, since there isn’t much you can do beside talk to each other (as an introvert, I’m not a big fan of small talk! Don’t do dinner and a movie unless you already know the other person somewhat (for example, if you’re going out with a friend or classmate).This can be one of the trickier things to negotiate in an introvert relationship: their quiet time is deeply necessary for their internal social batteries, but it doesn't have to mean they're isolated. So don't deliberately leave your partner at home while you go to parties or gatherings because you think they won't enjoy them, or be surprised when they want to host a party; introverts get lonely too!

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