Intimidating cambodian delicacy

30-Aug-2020 04:20

I go out of my way to order this at Japanese restaurants whenever it’s on the menu.

It’s as tender as the best cuts of fatty tuna, but with a taste akin to rare steak. Tuna eyeballs are gigantic, Lovecraftian horrors that are better burned and buried than eaten.

Ant Egg Soup Available in several East Asian countries like Vietnam, ant eggs are supposedly similar to caviar in a lot of ways, in that they pop in your mouth.

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It’s got a salty and ever so mildly metallic taste, creating a culinary experience not unlike tasting your own blood after being punched in the face.It’s the sort of claw-like appearance that makes a lot of people take one look and say, “Yeah, that’s not for me.” Habu Sake This is Japanese rice wine with a drowned venomous snake just chillin’ in it.The venom is said to slightly numb the lips and tongue of the drinker and enhance male libido, which explains why I’m writing this with a wicked Habu Sake hangover right now.Tarantula Popular in Cambodia and a few other Asian countries, tarantula is apparently a love-it-or-hate-it fried delicacy that supposedly tastes like a cross between cod and chicken.

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Throughout our world travels, we’ve concluded that most meat generally tastes like chicken, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should eat it.Century Egg The Chinese century egg is a normal egg left sitting in brine for a couple of months, turning all gelatinous and black in the process. We don’t know why that’s supposed to be a good thing.

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