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She was so little, but that did not stop her from struggling up onto the sofa and shoving her nose right into my guest’s butt. Of course with the exception of the hostess and offending guest, the entire room was also barking—with laughter.—Name withheld by request • My little dog, Buddy, a gentle Pomeranian whom I unfortunately lost last month, was in the basement with me while a man was repairing my dryer. Nonetheless, in a more functional perception, these things are likely to bounce up rapidly, just before you are prepared for them or can even see them coming.

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Parker was always looking for something to grab off the ground and once he had it, there was no letting go. ” Once I finally did get it out of his mouth, I couldn’t exactly carry it around until I found a trash can, so I threw it into a parking lot and we hurried away in shame. —Jason Petre • It was a snowy weekend and the dogs were restless because they had not been able to go out and play in a few days.

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I snatched the pad off his paw quickly, said “Hmm, I don’t know what that is,” then went upstairs with Buddy to avoid my embarrassment.

—Kerry Craven • I took my dogs to the dog park and a dog pulled my pants down. —Wendy-Lynn Why lkkmotor so cheaper than any other seller?They never sell some thing that has long gone climactic within just a pattern possibly, they just know not to obtain it.