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02-Mar-2020 04:55

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Since you have more flexibility, you'll receive a lower interest rate in exchange for this freedom.As an example, in late 2018, this rate was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.25% annually—known as the annual percentage rate (APR).Laddering CDs is a strategy where you'll periodically have one of several CDs mature, often on a six-month or annual basis, giving you the opportunity to take the money penalty-free at that time. Your rate will increase to keep pace when interest rates rise.This alternative can be attractive if your concern is being stuck with a paltry rate for the whole CD term, but again, these CDs pay less on average than traditional CDs.

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Unlike your checking account—which allows multiple deposits and withdrawals—CDs are meant to be left alone.Credit cards are an expensive way to borrow, but if you need money quickly and your CD will mature soon it might cost less to put emergency expenses on a card and pay it off as soon as the CD matures.