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25-Oct-2019 18:13

Expect black atheletes to be reals long enough for them to incurr evil, thereby limiting how much time they receive up there.

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A different kind of war, an "economic war", ocurred while he was president.

[url= [url= or here [url= [email protected] from what I teach because this is THE event and it won't happen again.

Music is the worst distraction upon poeple because its appeal is maintained over time, unlike other tools they use in the media to prey on the disfavored (movies, etc):: You can listen to your favorite album again and again.

Once you've seen a movie there's no reason to see it again.

Blacks be looking up at white trash too:::: They'd be wise to improve their lives by upgrading from hip hop to raggae, but they are best served by not listening to music.

They are going to divide the disfavored into those with promise and those without. Street racers would be smart to take their racing out to the dirt track, but they are best served by refraining from this activity. If there is an "angle" expect it comes at YOUR expense.

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