I want kids dating lancashire evening telegraph dating

11-Sep-2019 19:52

I always assumed I'd have children, and that little girl would have only reinforced that idea.

But I've recently realized having children is a choice, not something that will inevitably happen to me without my say.

I feel sad when other women get pushed into thinking that their decision not to have children isn't 'legitimate.' I want other women to know that it is OK to just be a woman, not a mother." —Kristen M., 26"There are so many things I want for myself that having children could inhibit: travel, luxury, freedom.

Also, depression and alcoholism run strong in my family, and the world today is not so kind!

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But you don't have to have a toddler to go to the science center, I promise you.

But I don't want my worth as a woman to hinge on my choice to have or not have children.

Luckily, my support system including my husband, parents, and extended family have been respectful of my choice.

I was recently working in a café when a dad strolled in with his toddler daughter.

They set up shop at the table next to me and it immediately became 10 times harder to focus on my writing. Like, unbearably so—she was around two years old with full cheeks, wide eyes, and a cap of caramel-colored hair that turned up at the ends.I'd come up with a list of names too, but I was really thinking about them for future pets.

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