How to stop being intimidating

06-Dec-2019 14:48

Depending on the person you’re dealing with, the above advice alone may not do the trick. You can take steps toward reclaiming your power and leveling the playing field by:1.Humanizing your “monster.” Dig beneath the surface.Recently a reader wrote to me after a man she’d been dating for ten weeks broke up with her.She said that the breakup was mature and honest, but was dismayed that the man gave her the same reason she’d heard many times before.What assumptions are you making about them and your relationship? In his book, , Gay Hendricks describes the “zone of genius” as the place where your greatest passion and your innate gifts meet. What unique power and talents do you bring to the table?Your zone isn’t just about what you’re decent, good, or even excellent at… Focus on those strengths — rather than fixating on your perceived weaknesses — and tap into your inner rock star.

Learning to speak up for yourself can be an uncomfortable yet absolutely life-changing process for an introvert. When you look inward, challenge the stories you’ve been telling yourself about those who intimidate you, and use your voice, you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities and reclaim your personal power.Then, the next time you’re asked to do something you don’t want to do, pause and exercise your right to say “no” instead of leaning on an automatic “yes.” Or simply commit to making one relevant point during an upcoming meeting.

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