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10-Sep-2020 01:45

Lifters removed from block Lifter storage Carefully store the lifters in the correct order/orientation Cam Gear Taking good notes/pictures helps when putting things back together Crank gear Cam retaining plate A sure sign of a Hydraulic Cam...

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For 1996 LT1 and LT4 engines, the dowel pin is in the correct position, extending .620" from the end of the camshaft. Installation: Intake off engine Intake and Valve Covers off engine Intake and Valve Covers off engine Front Cover off engine Most difficult part (IMHO), is installing the front cover. Pushrod removal/storage Carefully store the rods in the correct order/orientation so that any ware patterns will transfer to the new/old parts.Java Script is necessary for various functions, such as order checkout, to operate on this web site. Outdated Internet Browser Detected Your web browser appears to be out of date.

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Instead of passing an item Per Row argument, you pass and each item will be rendered with a dimension size equal to or more than (to fill the screen) the given dimension.… continue reading »

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