History of speed dating

16-Mar-2020 18:43

While the activity did take a lot of planning, it became a lesson that I use every year due to its success.

If you want additional information on Speed Dating or how to tweak it to fit your content, grade level, or student population feel free to contact me!

This leads to a discussion by groups and then as a whole class to introduce the lesson.

Introduction Read, Write DOK 1 – Research After class discussion, students are paired up.

Together, they read a short biography and had the opportunity to do some online research.

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Students are expected to relate what they learned to historical evidence gathered.In the graphic below, these students shared the same letter.Together, the duo is assigned a person during the Progressive Era that was either a muckraker or reformer.In this blog, I will share out my speed dating activity and how I used in my 11th grade social studies classroom.

Speed Dating The great thing about this activity is that it allows your students to explore a large amount of content in a 45 or 90-minute class period and can be used in any subject area.To make the assignment a little more interesting, I printed out masks for each historical person they were about to meet.

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