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Understanding the differences between pipes built in Mansell Street, Prescott Street and Grosvenor Street is an exciting challenge, as well as being able to spot the difference between a pipe that has the "£" Lane stamp, but belongs to the period 1955-1960 (when Lane was simple importer for the USA) from a pipe that has the "£" but it belongs to the next period (when Lane becomes the owner of the brand).

As a matter of fact, the year of the Dunhill take over, many of those masters decided to leave the factory in order to establish their own business.

With this article, therefore, I will try to shed light, hoping to provide a useful reference tool for enthusiasts. 36-46 of Volume 7, Number 4 - Winter 2003 , the notes and memories of Mrs.

I want to dedicate this first article to the newborn forum D: O. N., even considering the 'British' print that my friend Claudio wanted for it as a new incarnation of A. Ivy Ryan , the book "The Ultimate Pipe Book" by Richard Carleton Hacker , the book "Twenty Catalogs from 5 English Pipe Makers" by John C. The spark of inspiration for dating Charatans arrived one day a few years ago, while I met Mario Lubinski who had acquired a very huge stock of Charatan pipes from every era.

This first era was from 1863 until 1910, when Frederick decided to leave the factory to his son Rueben.

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Reuben continued to produce very high quality pipes for many years, as his father had before him.

I realized early on that the articles listed above were not exhaustive, and also showed inconsistencies and contradictions.

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