Guidance on accommodating children in need and their families Adult christian dating

05-Nov-2019 12:26

Emphasis is now placed on the need for early intervention by social services and partner organisations such as schools and hospitals.The most significant change in the new guidance is that the requirement for an initial assessment and (then if appropriate a more detailed) core assessment report to be produced later been dropped Children’s Services now have to acknowledge the referral within 1 working day (see Page 23 Paragraph 55) They then have up to 45 workings days to produce a full assessment report.

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The guidance provides (at Page 14 Paragraph 18) that local authorities should produce Threshold Documents which cover the the process for early help assessments and the criteria, including the level of need when a case should be referred to the local authority for assessment and statutory services under the the Children Act 1989.Solicitors or other advisers assisting families cannot however be treated as relevant partners for this purpose.The guidance refers at page 12 paragraph 8 to the need for an inter-agency assessment where a child and family would benefit from co-ordinated support from more than one agency such as housing there should be an inter-agency assessment.The idea seems to be to encourage other agencies not to ignore signs that children may be in need and to make referrals to Children’s Services Departments if they cannot resolve the problems themselves with early help.

I have always found that anything less than a formal assessment under Children Act 1989 tends to result in families only receiving general advice from duty social workers or reception staff to the effect that there is no support available.This key principle can also be used to challenge assessments of the children of intentionally homeless families which focus on criticising the actions of the parents rather than the needs of the child.