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This type of in-authenticity is a red flag, so it’s best you both be yourselves and act normal. This can be wedding or vacation photos or bank statements. Confide in your attorney if you’re unsure about anything pertaining to your green card case.Your attorney will know your case inside and out and will make you feel more prepared by addressing any and all concerns you or your spouse may have. Review additional resources to feel even more confident about the marriage based green card interview.It is always better to say you don’t know than it is to lie. However, you should be able to answer simple questions about your marriage. Act normally; not overly affectionate or uncomfortable.Not knowing might lead to having your green card denied, but lying or other fraudulent behavior might lead to barred access to the U. USCIS immigration officials are trained to recognize signs that individuals are not behaving normally. If you and your spouse are moved to separate rooms, remain calm and answer the immigration official’s additional marriage-based green card interview questions honestly. Remember to bring the necessary paperwork which can be any necessary forms and any proof of your relationship.

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90 days before your conditional marriage based green card expires, you can file a petition to get the conditions removed. You will receive an appointment noticed (Form I-797C).

These officials will ask you a series of marriage based green card interview questions as well as verify any forms and documents submitted in the couples filed a petition. Take a look at this helpful video we have created for those who prefer a visual guide: A spouse is eligible to obtain a green card for an immediate relative of a U. This green card grants the immigrant spouse permanent residency in the U. which allows them to live, work, and study in the U. It can be renewed no less than six months prior to expiration for the immigrant spouse to maintain his or her legal residency.

The main purpose of this entire process is for immigration officials to verify and confirm that the marriage isn’t a sham to elude U. Here is a comprehensive list of the items required to apply for a green card: So your green card petition was approved.

These questions are designed to determine if your marriage is fraudulent.

If that is not the case, then simply follow the above tips and be confident.

Below are a few sample categories and marriage-based green card interview questions that each partner in a relationship should know about one another.

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