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10-Oct-2019 11:45

So keep the code in mind if you are ever unsure on what to do in any situation to do with friendships.

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Say, for example, you have two parties to attend in one night: your BFF's Halloween bash and your crush's birthday.

Every female loves a solid drunken dance party to let loose and pretend like we're burning calories.

And Carrie's lame dilemmas will help take your girlfriend's mind off her crappy breakup, job loss or rotten day. Imagine being in need and having to resort to a makeshift toilet paper pad. Offering another lady a tampon is like giving Lamar Odom a second lease on life -- you are saving her from complete humiliation. Are you trying to make things awkward between you two?

That may sound rigid, but it also teaches women how to treat one another with kindness and respect. Instead of criticising another girl when she enters the room, how about empowering them – or at least make a new friend by sending her a compliment? You may have zero interest in talking to any of your girlfriend’s crush’s friends, but you’ll be doing your friend a great service if she and the guy hits it off. If your friend is going out with a guy they have never met (be it on a blind date or from Tinder), you make sure she texts you her location and what time she expects to arrive home. If not, text her to ensure that she’s okay and has made it home safely. If you see some girl looking evidently distressed or grossed out by a guy hitting on her, be it in the club or on the streets, go over and extricate her from said creep by pretending to be her friend and then lead her away to safety. Friends don’t let friends walk out looking like fashion victims.

Break any of the girl code rules, and you might just lose a girlfriend, or risk being ostracised by everyone. Even something as simple as “cute shoes,” or “I love the shade of your lipstick” will put a smile on her face and make you seem more approachable. Or, if a girl you don’t know suddenly joins your clique and acts like you’re friends, she’s most likely looking to get away from a creep. (Credits) Give thanks to your girlfriends every time they save you from venturing into the fashion disaster zone.

Which of these rules do you agree or disagree with? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for Part 2!