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21-Feb-2020 03:37

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 The volume indicators clearly indicate the hard drive that you’re working with and provide the option to show the online/offline status, the amount of space available, the number of photos you’re working with and there’s an indicator light that migrates from green to red as your hard drive fills up.

Now it’s visually much easier to move your images from hard drive to hard drive and understand where your images are stored when a external hard drive is no longer connected.

There have been a few new features and refinements added since the public beta.

I just created a NEW video showing how you can now do some basic portrait retouching right in LR with the New Adjustment Brush! Â LR 2.0 remains a completely non-destructive editing app. Speaking of RAW, there is (unoffcial) support for the hot new Nikon D700 which just shipped! New in Lightroom 2.0 Streamlined Organization and Worfklow Layout: The entire Library layout has been revisited to provide a more intuitive image organization experience.

This new version boast several features that make Lightroom (LR) much more approachable and powerful.

When the beta first came out I did a video on the NEW features.

(Hierarchical collections have been removed in order to support the new organization model and will be migrated appropriately from 1.0 to 2.0 libraries)  There is also the ability to save output specific collections for Slideshow/Print/Web. Collections still maintain their auto-save capabilities when it comes to on-the-fly output creations that don’t require a persistent entry in the Library.  Specify the criteria for a smart collection and images will be automatically added to the collection if they meet the criteria.An expert user tip: Try alt/option clicking when adding a new search criterion. Target Collection functionality allows you to specify any Lightroom collection as the destination of the quick collection shortcut key, B.

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Filter Bar: Â With the source location of the images clearly defined in the left hand panel, the top of the grid view provides a panel that will filter the content.

This command is especially useful if you imported listings from My e Bay, which contains image links and http images in the description.

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