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25-Feb-2020 06:42

Should you be the one who ended the relationship, it is unlikely you would experience all the stages of grief.Being the one who ended the relationship, you might experience angry or sadness and then move into the acceptance stage, although there is no guarantee of skipping stages.I was a lesbian, then we stopped communicating at all because he was in love and shit." —Tanya, 28"It lasted five years and counting""We were friends for a year.We dated for four and a half, then broke up for six months.

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He went into a rage, accused me of betraying his trust by confiding in her (hundreds of miles away), and told me to leave.

You ask if it is healthy for you to be friends with your ex. If you have moved through the grief cycle and have accepted that the relationship is over then yes, being friends is healthy.

It shows that you have let go of the past and any hope to be together in the future.

Also, is it normal that after two years I am still not over him? It would be natural to have positive and negative feelings about a romance which has ended.

When a relationship ends we go through a natural grieving process: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.It is not unusual to experience different parts of the cycle at various times and in no particular order.