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05-Oct-2020 03:27

There are less horrible bots who will simply create accounts or buy compromised email account/password lists and take over those accounts on popular dating sites.

Generally in this case they only expect to last a few hours, so their aim is to contact a lot of people and pass on a “payload” which is usually an off-site contact (phone, KIK, email etc).

The scammers are always slightly ahead of the dating sites (because until the sites have seen what they are doing, they can’t easily adapt) and that’s why the bots seem to be always there and slipping through, when in reality hundreds of thousands of them are being blocked monthly.

Ironically the “lone kid in a cybercafe in Ghana” who is reading his scamming-guide from a 20th generation photocopied scam-manual he bought for often slips through because it’s hard to detect them!

Dating sites attract a lot of users who are not completely internet-savvy and so they are joining up with the assumption that people on the site are going to be somewhat similar to them. Most of it isn’t a young Nigerian or Ukrainian kid sitting at home making a few dollars.

There are many many different scams ranging from the traditional 419 scams (“Hiya, I am a Nigerian Prince’s lawyer and I need somewhere to hide this million”) and the traditional romance scams (“Hi, am John and am God fearing pipeline engineer, widowed with a lovely daughter.

It can be as simple as setting up a response that says something like: “Thanks for sending a message! If you need immediate help, dial 555-HELP.”Or as complicated as setting up the bot to give different responses based on keywords in people’s messages. I’ve seen some great examples of fun bots (like those from the Funnel Besties) and I have a bot you can opt into so that you get a message with a link every time I release a podcast episode.

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This protected people essentially from getting ads direct to messenger from pages they had simply Liked, for example. I have seen multiple people using a comment-to-bot feature. If you reply to that message, you have essentially opted in to someone’s Facebook messenger list.These are pretty low level scams but they can and do take innocent and trusting people for hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

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