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But also because my father would give me piggyback rides to bed after the family finished watching another episode.

And, additionally, because what became the last night I would ever spend with my father included his smile from a hospital bed when I showed him a DVD of Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier’s Let’s Do it Again.

Maybe this is why I not only feel like I’m in a civil war, but I somehow am one.

And surely this is why I resent the notion of compassion.

With regard to this specific subject, I’ve never struggled to understand why people have struggled to understand me.

I mention my personal experience because as a member of the “but he should be!

This is also because once a war begins, the facts surrounding the genesis of that conflict are often devoured by the ether of hot emotions.

” I am a resident of the former camp, for numerous reasons. The diversity of the accusers juxtaposed with the similarities of the accusations.

” faction who blame victims of sexual assault and question why they would let years pass before speaking about their survival.

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” camp — its rape apologists and victim-blamers notwithstanding — because, for most of my life, Bill Cosby has been one of my heroes.

More than because he was rich and famous while black in America, and certainly not only because his show’s popularity smudged the racial boundaries that existed even in elementary school.It feels like intoxicating myself on pretty things in a time of war — it feels like the fangs of a beast resting against my neck, and me telling myself that he only intends to kiss.