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08-Jun-2020 03:48

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It’s the only Bottom 10 site that we were able to set up any dates.

But we decided not to show up for any of the dates.

There was one woman – Crystal – that made us feel less crummy about not showing up for these dates. The conversation with her was very boring and she seemed unintelligent. Well, there wasn’t much physical attraction either.

Anyway, when we cancelled the date with Crystal, she completely flipped shit.

But don't get caught by your mother; she doesn't kno...

is one of them, but they are clearly the best of the shitty bunch. It’s like an NFL team bragging about having the best record of teams that didn’t make the playoffs. Despite being “better” than the other crappy hookup sites, it’s still far below sites such as Social, Erotic, and Adult Friend You may have noticed from the figures above that we did set up 3 dates on I can't find their profiles and not one replied to my message after they sent me one first. If you reach out to someone you think they would be interested enough to reply back. I plan on spending some time on the site tonight to see if I can find any more women I can contact. You got your scammers and you got some real chicks on the site.John from the USA I never had any luck on flirt, fling or any of the other so called adult dating sites. As with all dating sites, even Facebook now days, if you are looking for a relationship you need to be able to spot the fakes.Can't sleep, or just looking for some midnight fun?

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The women we had scheduled dates with just weren’t worth the time.