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Each day, men receive 21 matches (bagels) and they can select which bagels they are interested in.

From there, women will receive potential matches based on the curated list of men who liked them and they can decide whether or not they want to offer their own “like,” and make it a match.

This app has borrowed a few different elements from different apps in order to create its own unique (and effective) platform.


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Once complete, you’ve successfully made it through the Cove!Once that’s complete, it’s on to Cove’s voice messaging level.This is my favorite level because when you hear someone’s voice, you’re able to glean more information from their tone, pitch, and pacing (then you ever could through text messaging alone).It may sound like a long process but the overall goal is to save you time, money, and the awkward experience of meeting in-person and realizing you have zero chemistry.


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If successful, this new cutting-edge dating app has the power to transform dating altogether.

This takes the heat off of guys when it comes to making the first move and can ease women’s minds when it comes to the possibility of getting bombarded by creepy messages.