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The Roſicrucian doctrine of Gnomes, Sylphs, Nymphs, and Salamanders, was thought to afford a proper machinery for a Botanic poem; as it is probable, that they were originally the names of hieroglyphic figures repreſenting the elements. THE Genius of the place invites the Goddeſs of Botany. She deſcends, is received by Spring, and the Elements, 59. NORTH WINDS conſiſt, firſt, of air flowing ſlowly from the north, ſo that they acquire the velocity of the earth's ſurface as they approach, are fair or froſty, ſeldom occur. They conſiſt of retrograde ſouth winds; theſe continue but a day or two, are preceded by ſouth-weſt winds; and are generally ſucceeded by north-eaſt winds, cloudy or rainy, barometer riſing. And ſince natural objects are allied to each other by many affinities, every kind of theoretic diſtribution of them addſ to our knowledge by developing ſome of their analogies. Alluſions to thoſe fables were therefore thought proper ornaments to a philoſophical poem, and are occaſionally introduced either as repreſented by the poets, or preſerved on the numerous gems and medallions of antiquity. SOUTH-EAST WINDS conſiſt, firſt, of north-eaſt winds become retrograde, continue for a day or two, froſty or fair, ſinking barometer. They conſiſt of north-eaſt winds formed into a vertical eddy not a ſpiral one, froſt or fair. While their particular deſign is to induce the ingenious to cultivate the knowledge of Botany, by introducing them to the veſtibule of that delightful ſcience, and recommending to their attention the immortal works of the celebrated Swediſh Naturaliſt, LINNEUS. It has a real direction from the weſt owing to its not having loſt in its journey the greater velocity it had acquired from the earth's ſurface from whence it came. On the ſouth of Syria, he adds, where the Jordan flows is a country of volcanos; and it is obſerved that the earthquakes in Syria happen after their rainy ſeaſon, which is alſo conformable to a ſimilar obſervation made by Dr. THE general deſign of the following ſheets is to inliſt Imagination under the banner of Science; and to lead her votaries from the looſer analogies, which dreſs out the imagery of poetry, to the ſtricter, ones which form the ratiocination of philoſophy. Theſe continue but a day or two, and are attended with rain. SOUTH-WEST WIND conſiſts of air flowing from the ſouth, and ſeems occaſionally abſorbed at its arrival to the more northern latitudes. This ſubject appears to me to be well choſen, and the ſtory to be finely told; and that it repreſents what in antient times engaged the attention of philoſophers, poets, and heroes, I mean a part of the Eleuſinian myſteries. And though ſome writers have differed in opinion from Dr. This might be effected by placing a windmill-ſail of copper about nine inches diameter in a hollow cylinder about ſix inches long, open at both ends, and fixed on an eminent ſituation exactly north and ſouth. Theſe winds ſeem all to be of volcanic origin, as before mentioned, with this difference, that the Simoom is attended with a ſtream of electric matter; they ſeem to be in conſequence of earthquakes cauſed by the monſoon floods, which fall on volcanic fires in Syria, at the ſame time that they inundate the Nile. See an account of the Barberini or Portland vaſe by M. Hence it may be concluded, that the ſubject of its embelliſhments is not private hiſtory but of a general nature. This might be managed by making a communication from the vane of a weathercock to a clock; in ſuch a manner, that if the vane ſhould revolve quite round, a tooth on its revolving axis ſhould ſtop the clock, or put back a ſmall bolt on the edge of a wheel revolving once in twenty-four hours. To diſcover whether in a year more air paſſed from north to ſouth, or the contrary. A model with a higher Power Score appears higher on the home page, the model list, etc.

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The uſual materials are flint, or flint-glaſs, with a due proportion of red-led, or borax, or both, and ſometimes a little tin calx to give opacity. And Virgil in his entrance to the ſhades below, amongſt other things of terrible form, mentions death. Three figures of exquiſite workmanſhip are placed by the ſide of a ruined column whoſe capital is fallen off, and lies at their feet with other diſjointed ſtones, they ſit on looſe piles of ſtone beneath a tree, which has not the leaves of any evergreen of this climate, but may be ſuppoſed to be an elm, which Virgil places near the entrance of the infernal regions, and adds, that a dream was believed to dwell under every leaf of it. This central figure then appears to me to be an hieroglyphic or Eleuſinian emblem of MORTAL LIFF, that is, the lethum, or death, mentioned by Virgil amongſt the terrible things exhibited at the beginning of the myſteries. For a ſimilar purpoſe a ſerpent was wrapped round the large hieroglyphic egg in the temple of Dioſcuri, as an emblem of the renewal of life from a ſtate of death. In the Pamphili gardens at Rome, Perſeus in aſſiſting Andromeda to deſcend from the rock takes hold of her elbow to ſteady or ſupport her ſtep, and ſhe lays her hand looſely on his arm as in this figure. In this group of figures there is great art ſhewn in giving an idea of a deſcending plain, viz. 348.) and is ſaid to poſſeſs the keys of the ſky, ſea, and earth. But as the north-eaſt winds ſometimes continue for five or ſix weeks, the newly-generated air muſt be deſtroyed at thoſe times in the warmer climates to the ſouth of us, or circulate in ſuperior currents, which has been ſhewn to be improbable from its not depoſiting its water. The ſeeds of the ferns are by him ſuppoſed to exceed a million on a leaf. many of which are ingeniouſly explained in the works of Bacon, Vol. EAST WINDS conſiſt of air brought haſtily from the north, and not impelled farther ſouthward, owing to a ſudden beginning abſorption of air in the northern regions, very cold, barometer high, generally ſucceeded by ſouth-weſt wind. The barometer ſunk ſuddenly, and the wind, which had been ſome days north-eaſt with froſt, changed to ſouth-eaſt with an inceſſant though moderate fall of ſnow. The wind changed to north-weſt and thawed the ſnow. Wind changed to north-eaſt with froſt and a riſing barometer. Wind now changed to the ſouth-weſt with inceſſant rain and a ſinking barometer. Theſe winds blow in all directions from the deſerts; in Egypt the moſt violent proceed from the S. Many of the important operations of Nature were ſhadowed or allegorized in the heathen mythology, as the firſt Cupid ſpringing from the Egg of Night, the marriage of Cupid and Pſyche, the Rape of Proſerpine, the Congreſs of Jupiter and Juno, Death and Reſuſcitation of Adonis, &c. SOUTH WINDS conſiſt, firſt, of air flowing ſlowly from the ſouth, looſing their previous weſtern velocity by the friction of the earth's ſurface as they approach, moiſt, ſeldom occur. They conſiſt of retrograde north winds; theſe continue but a day or two, are preceded by north-eaſt winds, and generally ſucceeded by ſouth-weſt winds, colder, barometer ſinking. The heat of the enamel kiln is only a full red, ſuch as is marked on Mr. It is therefore neceſſary that the flux be ſo adjuſted as to melt in that low heat. This part of the exhibition ſeems to be repreſented in one of the compartments of the Portland vaſe. They have their backs towards the dying figure, yet with their faces turned towards her, as if ſeriouſly contemplating her ſituation, but without ſtretching out their hands to aſſiſt her. At the ſame time the ſpirit looſely lays his hand upon her arm, as one walking in the dark would naturally do for the greater certainty of following his conductreſs, while the general part of the ſymbol of IMMORTAL LIFE, being turned toward the figure of Pluto, ſhews that ſhe is leading the phantom to his realms. He is placed at the loweſt part of the group, and reſting his chin on his hand, and his arm upon his knee, receives the ſtranger-ſpirit with inquiſitive attention; it was before obſerved that when people think attentively they naturally reſt their bodies in ſome eaſy attitude, that more animal power may be employed on the thinking faculty. For when the north-eaſt wind blows the barometer riſes, ſometimes from 28 ½ inches to 30 ½, which ſhews a great new generation of air in the north; and when the ſouthweſt wind blows the barometer ſinks as much, which ſhews a great deſtruction of air in the north. Nature would ſeem to have been wonderfully prodigal in the ſeeds of vegetables, and the ſpawn of fiſh; almoſt any one plant, if all its ſeeds ſhould grow to maturity, would in a few years alone people the terreſtrial globe. Ray aſſerts that 1012 ſeeds of tobacco weighed only one grain, and that from one tobacco plant the ſeeds thus calculated amounted to 360,000!

One part of either of theſe calces is put to ten, ſixteen, or twenty parts of the flux, according to the depth of colour required. On the right of her ſits a man, and on the left a woman, both ſupporting themſelves on their arms, as people are liable to do when they are thinking intenſely. This emblematic figure of immortal life ſits down with her feet towards the figure of Pluto, but, turning back her face towards the timid ghoſt, ſhe ſtretches forth her hand, and taking hold of his elbow, ſupports his tottering ſteps, as well as encourages him to advance, both which circumſtances are thus with wonderful ingenuity brought to the eye. The figure of PLUTO can not be miſtaken, as is agreed by moſt of the writers who have mentioned this vaſe; his griſley beard, and his having one foot buried in the earth, denotes the infernal monarch. Theſe cauſes are brought into immediate activity over a great part of the ſurface of the earth at nearly the ſame time, but always act more powerful to the northward than to the ſouthward of any given place; and would hence ſeem to have their principal effect in the polar circles, exiſting nevertheleſs though with leſs power toward the tropics or at the line. There is a figure of the great Platonic year with a phenix on his hand on the reverſe of a medal of Adrian. Kaolin is the very ſame with the clay called in Cornwall and the petuntſe is a granite ſimilar to the Corniſh moorſtone. What ſubject could have been imagined ſo ſublime for the ornaments of a funereal urn as the mortality of all things and their reſuſcitation? Theſe circumſtances evince that the figure is an emblem, and therefore could not be a repreſentation of the private hiſtory of any particular family or event. And the horror of the gates of hell was in the time of Homer become a proverb; Achilles ſays to Ulyſſes, "I hate a liar worſe than the gates of hell;" the ſame expreſſion is uſed in Iſaiah, ch. Pope, by "We feel the ruling paſſion ſtrong in death." A little lower down in the group the manes or ghoſt is received by a beautiful female, a ſymbol of IMMORTAL LIFE. There is yet another figure which is concerned in conducting the manes or ghoſt to the realms of Pluto, and this is LOVE. On the contrary, the ſouth-weſt winds, as the atmoſphere is ſuddenly diminiſhed in the polar regions, are drawn as it were into an incipient vacancy, and become therefore expanded in their paſſage, and thus generate cold, as explained in Note VII. For the preſervation of the immature ſeed nature has uſed many ingenious methods; ſome are wrapped in down, as the ſeeds of the roſe, bean, and cotton-plant; others are ſuſpended in a large air-veſſel, as thoſe of the bladder-ſena, ſtaphylaea, and pea.

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