Father beats daughter for dating black man

02-Jun-2020 17:13

In bed, remember pleasing your wife is not about the size of the body or the organs of the body; but about skill.Bring you “A” game on, you African king A man is not defined by whether he has foreskin or not.This foolish notion of African men loving their daughter less than the son because she will get married off to another family must stop.This foolish notion of looking at daughter’s as an income revenue stream to gain dowry must end.African man, leadership is not about being feared but about serving and giving yourself for the happiness and peace of your home. Come down from your false deity throne There are African men who pressure a fellow man when the wife corrects him or disagrees with him.They mock the man he is being sat on by his wife and he should put her in her place and show her he is the boss. Your woman will sometimes call you out or have a better idea than you.

African man, chasing after another woman yet you vowed to your wife to be faithful to only her has nothing to do with culture, but everything to do with your weak character and strong levels of selfishness Too many African men are dead beat dads, too many African men have sired children all over.Listen to her, she has alot of interest in your life, she is looking out for you. The moment you chose to commit to a woman, it stopped being just about you, no more “I” but “We”. This is not a battle of the sexes, this is love, this is marriage.You need her, she needs you Some African men keep off looking for love in a different race, scared of being mocked.It hurts when you have a father who is alive that you are not close to.

How sad it is when some African men are quick to blame their wives when their children turn out wrongly and quick to take credit when that child they are distant frfrom turns out well A ‘kitambi’ is not necessarily a sign of wealth, but a sign of lifestyle.

Far too often, it is a common scenario during the death of African man that the women they have been with and their children, show up to want a piece of his inheritance.