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11-Jan-2020 16:36

As I got deeper into the story, which focuses also on integration and its societal challenges, I started to think more about interracial relationships, is it really just a small handful of locals who feel these men “are desperate”?

Aren’t many of us, even in modern Australia where multiculturalism has been present for decades, guilty of sometimes thinking that also?

I’d heard something happened but didn’t know what had started it.

It’s one of those moments you replay in slow-motion, in full technicolour; it was cloudy outside, my teal school uniform had Indian ink spots near the hem and the smell of acrylic paint lingered in my nostrils mixing with her words.

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Slouched on a stool in art class, Kate, the girl next to me explained why my first ever boyfriend was in a scuffle during morning school break.Southeast Asian women now make up the second largest ethnic group in the Faroe Islands.This is serious change for a place known for its history as a Viking settlement. I almost pulled out when the researcher said I had to choose my “best quality” from a dropdown menu which included options such as chest and legs.During filming, we met an Indonesian man who had come to the Faroes.

He spoke eloquently about the judgement he felt, an undercurrent that his Faroese wife couldn’t get a Faroese man.

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