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14-Sep-2019 01:56

To be slowly undressed by one’s eyes is such a primal tease.

With a look, a partner can convey power, confidence and send nervous butterflies to my stomach.

They’re never going to see the stack of dirty dishes in the sink or the piles of unfolded laundry.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from creating a space in which I feel sexy.

I’ve been the victim of naked photos falling into the wrong hands, thankfully, well before the dawn of social media.

When playing with a new partner via Skype, Face Time or Whats App, play it safe.

If both people are comfortable taking pleasure into their own hands on camera, mutual masturbation can be a super-hot way for couples to connect. Right now, there are a variety of Bluetooth sex toys on the market that create a more (wink, wink) interactive experience.

How do you stay connected to lovers and loved ones from afar?

To celebrate the crowning of the petite Utah-born blonde, i P4Play is giving away an i Pad 2 to a randomly selected customer May 5.I generally don’t need to make my bed for cybersex, but will light a candle, adjust my lighting, and if I’m feeling especially frisky, put on some Al Green in the background.Because nothing and no one beats this man in sexy time music.Don’t dilute the moment by checking your smartphone.

There’s nothing more annoying than getting all hot and bothered, many miles away from your sweetie, only to hear and a notification tone and “I’m listening,” as their eyes wander elsewhere.

What was once awkward and intimidating put a seductive visual twist on “it’s good to hear your voice.” Think phone sex or sexting, but on steroids.

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