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its freakin harrasmentsame as above comment only it was said they were the promotions department for Caribean cruise line called herself Jennifer- I called bback and Jennifer answered and then like she remebered something she said it was Caribean Cruise lines- I suggetst we spam her with calls Got the same letter, seems fishy but didn't call- Says its sponsored by direct buy on shaw ave in Fresno- Sounds like a it ensnare type presentation, you must attend for a min presentation and have a household income of , or moresame complaint they had been calling my house times a day, they are from india and they are re routing the calls using a number from new jersey, check your credit cards-they took dollars from mine, the product these telemarketers are selling is bright teeth whitening kit,i found a costumer service number and guess what??

the guy who answer had a Hindu accent, the place is advanced wellness, they are located in the states, what im thinking that they are using telemarketers from india to save money, if u want to call and complaint the number is , the are scammers they use different phone numbers- i got phone calls from , when i called back the same day the already had disconnected that line- Also i got a call from - i called back and there was the costumer service with the option to not receive calls from them , but that did not work, Good luck Called to offer one week free stay at hotel in Orlando Fla if you rented a car front them- I supposedly won this by completing some survey online- They asked if I wanted to be transferred to someone for more details and I declined and they said just to ignore this call I was in a minor accident and this company keeps calling me on my cell and referring to themsleves as Doctors Wellness Company- Cynthia just wanted to ask me some questions about my injuries (there were and are NONE), my gosh, ambulance chashers for Doctors, what is the world coming to???

If so, why is no one ever on the other end of the line?

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otherwise, i'll just have to cancel my card PCH: It is a scam:info-pch-com consumer-information fraud-protection Its ILLEGAL to ask for money to receive it: Prize Offers: You Don?I got a call from "Janice" at Windows- She had a very thick Indian accent so I asked her why does a f'n Indian have the name Janice- She repeated my swear word several times then called me a f'n negro (she must have learned her USA culture from data from the s)- As you can see by my name, I'm a white guy A las : pm llamaron de este numero a mi residencia y procuraron por mi papa, le indicaron que la llamada era de Hacienda, pero con quien querian hablar era con mi hermano- Llamaron a mi hermano al celular a las : pm y la persona se identifico como Christian Blay, el "Bichote" de Santa Maria, Este le informo que habia enviado a matones a buscar a Miguel Rivera Alias "Bolo" y que mis padres cuando vieron esas personas raras llamaron a la policia y que la policia les confisco el vehiculo, que por tal razon ellos estaban teniendo perdidas- Indico que iba a enviar a unas personas a destozar la casa y darnos una pela para matarnoscaller was very rude- you would think working for a school you will be nice- no- This man call wrong number and I say hello this is adan, he said I am looking for someone named "XXXXX" I say no this is adan he said I will call back later and check I said no this is adan he said rudely ya I got that part- Would not send my americanized children to this school based on this phone call Receive a text at :am from a Mrs- Angelina Wallace the hiring manager at Bearing Point Consulting Inc- saying my resume has been viewed and that I fit a position at their company- I was told to check my email for further instructions and then interview would be done by Google talk or hangout- Honestly who in they're mind texts someone about a job let alone at :am This number comes back to a company called Donor Services, Inc- They do money sucking services (telemarketing, direct mail, email, etc-) for non-profits- Just another candidate for my blocked numbers list Woman named Cindy Sawyer (with a brother in law named Tom, hah) called looking for the owner to give a general liability quote on the business- She never mentioned him by name, nor did she mention what company she was with I have been getting this call and no message- I tried calling the number back and they said that my international call could not be completed- I think I will be changing my phone number- But it probably doesn't matter because they can sell your numbers- I have not talked to anyone but they keep calling"When the claims are forwarded to our office we are always under the impression that the claim has been validated - each of which is notarized before it gets here- Sounds like you are just another person with nothing better to do but scour the internet looking for things to complain about-"We feel we do have a valid complaint when third party debt collectors refuse to validate debts upon request, which has been a law of the land since : What information does a debt collector have to give me about the debt?