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19-Oct-2020 11:37

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Of course we know that CCP has begun going after those who exploited the bug or in some cases inadvertently benefited from it to some significant degree.

We don’t really know to what degree, but word is they are cracking down and have offered a convoluted method of restitution.

So if it’s all behind us now, why the hell am I rehashing all this?

Now I know that nobody listens to the terrible Open Comms Show at 9PM EST Fridays ( UTC Saturday) on twitch.tv/imperium news.

There are even some reports that a keen-eyed player or two were camping on the test server when they first caught a glimpse of the entity taking shape.

There is ample evidence that CCP was aware in early 2017 by way of bug reports, then later rumblings on the EVE subreddit.

Then came July 12, lapse day; time to go and see what this whole extraction business is all about.

July 12 came and the clock passed the time when I know I PLEX’d or MCT’d the characters back in June.

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One of the little side issues related to the Omega/Alpha training bug was hearsay that it worked in reverse. What worries me more is the rumor that logging in as Alpha caused the current skill in training to be calculated at the Alpha rate (training time from last skill complete, calculated at 50%).

As with any good ghost story, the tale tends to take on a life of its own.

Reports now claim that the bug was known by players and CCP alike immediately following the Ascension expansion in November 2016.

However, both of you who do listen know that as soon as I heard about ghost training in early May, I began to rail on the issue frequently.

There is just something about players using a bug to gain advantage that begs to be called out; not to mention CCP’s silence on an issue of fundamental fairness within the sandbox they administer. This had broader implications and CCP owed it to its customers to be transparent. All I had was comments and speculation on reddit, or this comment following a June 26th story on INN.

I’d bought some MCT certificates during the big Make Skill Injector Farming Great Again sale so I’d just burn them off over time on accounts that were already subbed.