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All together these skills will create a much larger plan.For any plan you will have to do research to figure out all the skills you need and want.You can setup better fittings using Eve Fitting Tool.

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A plan like that can be good for getting the right remapping points, but lacks flexibility on figuring out exactly what you should be training next. You can combine plans into a new plan by selecting Plan|Manage on the character window.

More advanced players may find useful information here along with the simpler details. Once EVEMon is installed and running you should have an Overview tab telling you to click the File|Add Account.

You will be asked to authorize EVEMon's access to your information through your EVE Online account. With the character screen open you can create a new plan by selecting new from the plans menu and giving this new plan a name.

Further information is available here: EVEMon 4 Forum Post, EVEMon 4 Github In Eve your skills determine what you can fly and do.

EVEMon is there to help you plan out a path to the skills you need to fly a battleship or become an excellent explorer.For additional features you may need to use a Full API key.

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