Eve torres dating zack ryder

06-Sep-2020 04:46

Zack, despite massive exhaustion, came running in and hit Punk with his famous jumping leg lariat. The upset of the year just happened in front of a sold out Elimination Chamber crowd in New Orleans."OH RADIO, TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!

It connected and the entire arena boomed with cheers at the successful impact of the Rough Ryder Zack tiredly fell into the cover."ONE! " blared over the PA."The winner of the Match and NEEEEEEEEEEW WWE CHAMPION, LONG ISLAND ICED Z: ZAAAAAACK RYYYYYYYDER!

Fans at ringside clapped and voiced their cheer for him Zack gave them handtouches, sweat dripping from his brow, mixing in with a few cuts that had opened up during the match.He also starred in his own webseries, , which sums up everything you want to know about him.